Experian.com Website Review & Ratings + Experian Coupons
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Experian.com Website Review & Ratings + Experian Coupons

Experian is a credit reporting agency.   Through this website, a customer can obtain copies of his or her credit report and give permission for the report to be provided to other parties.  This lasts for up to 30 days after the purchase of a report, and the report can be seen by unlimited numbers of reviewers.   Each time a customer asks for a copy of his credit report, the customer is charged a set fee.  The reports clearly provide all data used to determine the final score, and include color coded sections to help explain some areas of the report.  The report covers the following areas:

The customers credit score is clearly indicated on the provided report.  Payment history makes up the largest percent of the score, followed by credit utlization or if your credit is used responsibly as determined by Experian.  The score provided by this service is a Vantage Score, not a FICO score.  Some agencies only want to utilize a FICO score.

Experian does not provide credit reviewers with all of your personal information.  It does not share your account numbers, birth date or Social Security numbers.

Experian: What makes it different?

Customers of Experian obtain the following benefits:

  • Ability to review their credit report with Experian and correct any errors or problems with the report
  • Ability to allow companies or individuals to view your credit report at no additional cost
  • Experian will only allow clients that you authorize to see your credit report
  • Experian will protect your personal information from viewing by others
  • Experian will notify a client when their report has been reviewed by someone
  • One monthly fee allows access to any number of clients to view your report within 30 days
  • Able to check their credit report before applying for a loan or other agreement where a credit report is needed
Experian vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Experian)

www.tui.transunion.com:  Credit reporting agency that offers customers credit reports and several other services for a monthly fee.  Includes email notification of any major changes to your credit report by any of the three major credit agencies.  Provides analysis of your credit status and future trends for your report.  Gives customers the ability to close their files to all reviewers unless specifically authorized by the client.  Provides up to $25,000 in ID theft insurance caused by Trans Union.

www.equifax.com: Credit reporting agency that offers clients services for a monthly charge.  These services include credit scores and monitoring for changes to credit scores, credit profiles, unlimited access to your Equifax credit score, a score estimator to show how future actions will affect your score, and identify theft protection.  The company also offers a family credit protection plan that includes two adults and up to four children on one monthly plan.

Experian: Pricing & packages

Each major credit agency offers its own credit protection plan for a monthly fee.  Here are the fees charged by Experian and its competitors:


  • Connect Program:  $14.95 per month


  • Advantage Plan:  $16.95 per month
  • Premier Plan:  $19.95 per month
  • Family Plan :  $29.95 per month
  • Score Watch:  $14.95 per month

Trans Union:

  • Credit Score Protection:  $16.95 per month

Exerian's Connect Program is the most economical of the three companies when considering the benefits offered.  Only the score watch program actually gives the customer a FICO score, however.  The other scores are Vantage Scores.  This score is a score put together by the credit agencies.  Some loan companies only accept FICO scores.

Experian: Product images & screenshots
Experian Coupons
Experian: Customer reviews & comments

Here are some examples of customer comments about Experian.  Some customers are very frustrated; they seem to reach an automated system with no way out.  Others feel that some of the explanations on the website were not very clear.  Other customers are satisfied with their service.  I think it makes a difference what number you use to call, so I included the number several times that seems to work best for everyone.  It also helps to read the service agreement before you sign up for service.

  • the 1-714-830-7000 number absolutely works. I had to find out if a freeze was removed and they confirmed this and knew the date range of the removal I had requested. They also reviewed my address history.
  • I called the 714 number and was assisted very quickly by both robert and ronald who were professional and helpful with my account problem...
  • Hi All, I just got off the phone with a wonderful customer service representative with Experian who I reached by calling (714) 830-7000. Its good to note for any of you who need help, that their office hours are from 8 to 5 pacific time. That means if you are on the East coast, wait until after 11:00AM to call. I didn't need to order a report or give a report number. The lady was quite knowledgeable and very helpful.
  • Ridiculous company. Customer service is impossible to reach -- all numbers are voice automated and direct you to write Experian to submit a dispute, or, pay for a new credit report. If you dont have a credit report number you cant get through. This company should be required to provide customer service if they are allowed to control consumer credit information.
  • I have tried for over two hours trying to reach them to lift a credit freeze. NO live person ever came on. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
  • this company is one of the worst firms i have ever had dealings with. first of all it is almost impossiable to get a person on the phone,and then they are totally uncoperative. with reasonable requests.
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Comments (3)

Outstanding review!

Very good review. FYI, when purchasing Real Estate a lender will look at all three credit reporting agencies,

Great review!

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