Equifax.com Website Review & Ratings + Equifax ScoreWatch Coupons
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Equifax.com Website Review & Ratings + Equifax ScoreWatch Coupons

The Equifax Score Watch is a monitoring system that allows users to keep an eye on their credit score. Users are able to target the credit score they want to achieve, see the rates that they may from receive from banks and other lenders on loans and watch how their credit score changes over time when new credit lines have been added or other credit lines have been paid off or removed. The system is supposed to help users:

  • Save money over time with loans and interest rates.
  • Be able to physically see how their credit score is changing.
  • Make improvements where and when necessary.
Equifax ScoreWatch: What makes it different?
  • Continuous monitoring of the credit score daily and throughout the year.
  • Notifications are sent, through email and wireless alerts, when there are key changes to the credit score that can impact interest rates and loans.
  • Explanations are given about score changes, what they mean and how to understand the score.
  • Two Equifax reports and two FICO scores are received yearly. There are discounts for additional reports and scores.
  • Graphs of how lenders view the user, comparison of the national average and what the current score means.
Best Available Equifax ScoreWatch Coupon:
Equifax ScoreWatch vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Equifax ScoreWatch)

Equifax Score Watch is really the only service of its kind. Trans Union comes the closest to matching the Equifax Score Watch.

Trans Union offers the Zendough site that gives users a free credit score, a credit grade and the 6 factors that determine the score and grade received. There is identity theft protection included, the user's risk of identity theft and email alerts when changes have occurred on the credit report or when the identity theft risk has changed. It also includes:

  • The users ranking compared to other consumers.
  • Gives an explanation of what the score means.
  • A debt to income calculator is included to see how the monthly debt compares to the user's income. It is customizable.
  • Snap shot of the credit report.
  • Tips to safe guard against identity theft.
  • User's receive a personal case manager if identity theft occurs to help the person restore their identity.

Zendough is offered with a free 7 day trial and after that it is $14.95 a month.

The identity theft that is included, which is a nice feature, Equifax Score Watch does not offer. However, other than that the Trans Union Zendough is almost identical to the Equifax Score Watch and costs $2 more.

Equifax ScoreWatch: Product images & screenshots
Equifax ScoreWatch Coupons
Equifax ScoreWatch: Detailed review

The Equifax Score Watch service may be exactly what a person needs who is trying to improve their credit or even just beginning their credit history. There are four key features to the Equifax Score Watch, these are:

  • Monitoring The Credit Score and Understanding What It Means.
    • The user is able to monitor their credit score continuously while they have the service.
    • The FICO score is also monitored as well.
    • The user is notified of key changes that will affect the credit score, which can also affect interest rates on loans.
    • The user receives details of how their score stakes up against the rest of the country.
    • Users can print reports and the score.
    • Easy to understand summary.
  • Customizing Alerts And Setting The Target Score.
    • Customized score alerts based on where the user's score could fall.
    • Set the score and specify the loan type. The user will be notified when their score hits the target, goes above the target or falls below the target score.
    • Notifications are received within 24 hours when a score has changed.
    • Alerts can be received by email and wirelessly.
    • Images and graphics to make understanding the target score easier.
  • Two Free Score Power Reports.
    • Two FICO scores are received for free.
    • Receive a report on how lenders view the user.
    • Explanations about the score, the components of the score and how they impact the user's credit.
    • Graphs used to view percentage range of receiving loans at a given interest rate.
    • Graphs to under the chances of receiving loans from a lender.
  • Explanations On Actions That Affect The Credit Score.
    • Interactive score simulator.
    • Users can enter financial situations to see those situations will affect their score.
    • Users have a better grasp of how their credit score works and how their score can be lowered by different actions they take.
    • The simulator also shows how their score can be increased as well by completing different financial actions.
    • The simulator gives tips on what usually helps a score, what may help a score, what decreases a score and what the best action is for the person to take based on their personal credit history and score.

Equifax Score Watch also has a comprehensive customer service department available seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns about the subscription or credit questions.

Best Available Equifax ScoreWatch Coupon:
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